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            For many years Sergey takes pictures of wild nature. And every year his feeling of alarm grows. The world, which he photographs, is in danger now.


           «I have begun shooting wild nature imperceptibly, taking pleasure which I can't compare with anything. I want to photograph the native wildlife such what it is, what it always was and what it should remain for our children» - Sergey says about how he has begun to photograph. «My camera is a connecting link between me and wildlife. Through the lens of the camera I can see things, take pictures and try to reproduce beauty of the wild nature, a piece of what I have seen and I have felt being there, in their escaping world which  is disappearing little by little from the face of the earth».

            Kamchatka is Sergey's favourite place of shooting. «Travel to the world of the wild nature of Kamchatka is so fascinating and amazing that many years of work have gone as one day. I am happy that I had an opportunity to observe beauty of fauna of this peninsula. Memoirs, which I have got here, remain with me all my life...» - Sergey says. 

            He thinks that each photographer should have an individual project, which he should know and develop. Sergey's photography is focused on the wild world of Kamchatka, to be exact the wild world of a bear.